Empowering You to Transform Nations through translation

Are you a YWAM Base? Would you like to get involved in Oral Bible Translation? We can empower you with the tools and training to be an OBT Hub or an OBT Launchpad!
Do you want to help see the Bible translated into every language? We can empower you to engage and assess a Bible-less language and record the first Bible verses in that language with the Start Bibles App through our 2-week Caleb Survey Course.
Do you speak a language that doesn't yet have a Bible? We can empower you to begin the work of getting a Bible translated into your language through Oral Bible Translation!

Not Sure where you belong in Bible Translation? No problem! Download our FREE PDF - "Finding Your Place in Bible Translation." Our FREE PDF introduces you to the different aspects of Oral Bible Translation and helps you find the place that is right for you!


What is Oral Bible Translation?

Oral Bible Translation, or OBT, is a simple and effective way to get the Bible into a language in audio format. OBT methods reduce the time needed to see Scripture available to these people, while affirming the value of oral cultures and the impact that the oral Word of God has among His peoples. OBT matches a native speaker with a facilitator who speaks a common language. Together they work through translating the Bible into oral format. Simply put, Oral Bible Translation is a quicker, effective and impactful way to translate the Bible into the remaining 1000+ languages.

What is an Oral Bible Translation Hub?

An Oral Bible Translation (OBT) Hub is a YWAM Base that is located regionally near a people group and language that does not yet have a Bible. For example, a base in Papua New Guinea (PNG) could be an OBT Hub because there are several languages in PNG that do not yet have a Bible. An OBT Hub needs to be near enough to the language that they could host and train a Native Speaker on their base.


What is an Oral Bible Translation Launchpad?

An Oral Bible Translation (OBT) Launchpad is a YWAM Base that is not located regionally near a people group and language that does not yet have a Bible. For example YWAM Kona is a OBT Launchpad, because while we will send those who will get involved in translation, we are not near enough to a Native Speaker to host him or her on our base.


What are the Oral Bible Translation Target Regions and Countries?

We have dissected the globe into twelve regions, each region consisting of 3-7 countries where the majority of the remaining languages in these nations have no form of Scripture. You can see the regions and their countries in the drop down box.

What is the Caleb Survey Course?

The Caleb Survey Course is a 2-week online course that will empower you to do language surveys. You will be empowered to find men & women of peace (ref) who will open doors to ongoing translation work. You will learn how to assess the vitality of a language. And you will be empowered to use your smartphone to translate the first Bible verses into their language through Oral Bible Translation and the Start Bibles App!


Are there other ways I can get involved?


While we need Hubs, Launchpads, Facilitators and Native Speakers, we recognize that there is space for everyone to partner with what God is doing in the nations. We would love for you to partner with us in prayer. Select a region, a country or a language and begin praying for people to go and Native Speakers to rise up. Also, sign up for our prayer letter to get updates on progress and specific prayer requests.



There are also financial needs to see OBT in the remaining languages. We need practical resources like recording equipment, smart phones and hospitality supplies for our OBT Hubs. Would you consider partnering through finances to see the end of Bible poverty? Our commitment to you is that every dollar given will go directly to Oral Bible Translation and not to overhead costs.