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Not everyone can easily access a Bible,

so we're taking it to them.

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You wouldn’t believe how many new technologies are now available to get the Word of God into the hands of unreached people groups. Micro SD cards are loaded with the audio Bible, handheld devices send it over wi-fi, solar-powered Audio Bibles project it for hundreds of people at a time. These days, the possibilities are endless.

But these Bibles won’t get to the ends of the earth on their own.

Some regions of the world require days of trekking or miles of boating to reach. Is any distance too far to give someone their own Bible? We don’t think so. Come be a part of the greatest story ever written in human history and see how you can be involved in distributing Bibles.
distribution training course | End Bible Poverty Now

FREE Digital Distribution Training Course

In 5 short videos, learn how to:
  1. Share the Gospel using the audio Bible & Jesus Film
  2. Strategically distributing Bibles using apps & microSD cards
  3. Start Bible listening groups so new believers can grow
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