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The list of Unengaged Bibleless Languages (UBLs) and the related 4K map showing where they are spoken in the world is possible because of the extraordinary collaboration between many individuals, tools, and agencies. These include: eBible, Ethnologue, Faith Comes by Hearing, Finishing the Task, The International Mission Board, Jesus Film, Joshua Project, Progress.Bible, SIL, and YWAM 4k Mapping.  

The growing collaboration and advance in technology have made this interactive map available for the first time in history. For this we praise God and thank all of our partners.  Because this is the first digital publication of this collaborative data in the 4K map framework, we are aware that there are many things that may need adjustment. Tens of thousands of pieces of data collected by countless people over the last many years has produced what you have in your hand today. Some of you live amongst these UBLs and will have more accurate information. We welcome your input. We invite you to inform us if you have corrections, additions or insights that will help us improve this list. Though this is the best list available with the current data we have, you can help us make it even better. While aiming for excellence in research, and integrity of communication, our primary goal is to motivate readers of this list towards Great Commission activities. This includes engaging these Bibleless people groups with new translation initiatives so that all may hear the wonderful Word of God in their own heart language.

Here are a few definitions:  
The UBL List by Country organizes all the languages in a country alphabetically:
  • The 3rd column lists the ROL (Registry of Language). This is the universally accepted code used by all partner agencies to make sure that we are talking about the same language.
  • The 4th column tells the number of Omega Zones in which this language is spoken. They range from 1 to 432!
  • The 5th column lists all the names of the Omega Zones in the given country. Additionally, if this language is spoken in Omega Zones in another country that other country’s name is listed in the 6th column. If it is a language that is spoken in multiple countries you  to look it up under each country heading to get the full data.
  • The last column (7th) has our best estimate of the total population of mother tongue speakers of that language across all the Omega Zones. At present we do not have data for 92 of these languages. They are listed as “unknown”. If you have verifiable information about this, would you please let us know.
The UBL List by Language is a second chart. Instead of organizing the Bibleless by country, it is organized by language:
  • The languages are alphabetized by the ROL which can be (along with the full language name) the way to search for these languages on the 4K map.
  • Columns 3 and 4 simply give you a quick overview of where that language is spoken, in how many Omega Zones and how many countries.
We encourage you to make a commitment to engage with these UBLs. You may speak one of these Bibleless languages. You may know someone who speaks one of these Bibleless languages. You may feel God placing one or more of these Bibleless languages on your heart. Whichever situation is yours, would you please let us know. Write to us about your commitment on the form included on this page. Let us pray and work together until the number of 1823 Unengaged Bibleless Languages becomes the number 0. That’s God’s dream. That’s our dream too. We long for the day when all will have access to the Word of God in the language and with the technology that they can most readily embrace. Together let us participate in ending Bible poverty now. Thank you for seeking God, hearing, obeying, and not giving up until all can hear the Word of God and come to know the God of the Word.

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